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Wilderness Map
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Meanwhile, on the right side of the Confederate Line, skirmishers from Hill's Corps, moving up the Orange Plank Road, encountered dismounted Union cavalry near the Orange Plank Road - Brock Road intersection (1).

George W. Getty
General George W. Getty   103

Reacting to the cavalry encounter, Union General George W. Getty's Second Division, of Sedgwick's Sixth Corps, was sent to hold the intersection until Hancock, whose Second Corps was south of Chancellorsville on the Furnace road, could bring up his forces via the Brock road. (For a map showing these roads, see Chancellorsville.)

Wilderness Troop Movements
Wilderness Troop Movements

  If the Confederates had taken the intersection they would have separated the Second Corps from the rest of the Union army.

Intersection Sign

You are facing west on the Brock Road
The Orange Plank Road crosses in front of you - 2000


New Jersey Plaques
N.J. Plaques at Orange Plank Road - Brock Road Intersection - 2000   (1)

This Site Rededicated
May 16, 1964
Civil War Centennial Commission
State of New Jersey
Richard J. Hughs Governor

Text of the smaller New Jersey Plaque   (1)

New Jersey Plaque Text
Text of the Larger New Jersey Plaque   (1)


Vermont Monument
Several yards from the New Jersey Monuments
the Vermont monument is located in the woods - 2006

Vermont Monument - Front
Vermont Monument - Front - 2006   (1)

Vermont Monument - Back
Vermont Monument - Back - 2006   (1)


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