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Welcome to this segment. It presents unique and interesting photographs and/or information submitted to us by visitors to this site. The submissions are not arranged in any order and the validity of the data provided, although believed accurate, is not guaranteed by this site.

Please remember that this is not a message board. Any reaction to a submission should be sent to us or the submitter via email.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The submissions in this section are covered under the U.S. copyright law and if you desire to reproduce or otherwise use this data, you should first contact the person who submitted the data (His/her email address will be on the first page of the published submission. Due to spamming, the email address is an image and not a link.). If you are unsuccessful contacting the copyright holder, contact us, before using this material.

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To be included in this section, your photograph and/or information must be interesting and have a connection, no matter how tenuous, to the Civil War. The submitter must also include with the submission a statement saying that he or she is the sole owner of the item (or, that he or she is not aware of any publication restrictions on the item) and that he or she allows this site to publish the photograph or text with editing, if needed.

There is no guarantee that a submission will be published or regarding how fast it will be published. However, a submission will not be published if it duplicates information already posted in this section or elsewhere on this site, or if it contains vulgarities or is historically inaccurate.

Please send your submissions here.

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