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    When we refer to current photographs, we are referring to those photographs taken by us over recent years.

    When we refer to 19th Century photographs, we are referring to historical photographs taken in the 1800s, including a few photographs taken in the very early 20th century.


    For those not yet using a high-speed internet connection, the pages on this site containing multiple photographs will take a while to load! In order to reduce loading time we have reduced the number of photographs per page. we have also "reduced" "cropped" and "compressed" the photographs as far as we can, yet still maintain image quality. However, even with these actions, if you are not using a high-speed internet connection, the pages with images will still take a while to load!


    With the exception of the photographs in the Visitor's Submission section, for which the submitter has stated that he or she owns the copyright, we claim copyright protection for every current photograph on this site. Regarding the 19th Century photographs on this site, we have, to the best of our knowledge, permission to use all that are copyrighted. The rest we assume are in the public domain. If you know otherwise, please contact us so that we can correct the site.


    The numbers next to the 19th Century photographs on this site (see the photographs on this page) refer to item numbers on the "Notes" web pages. The items on the "Notes" pages contain source and credit information about each photograph. In addition, each item contains a thumbnail photograph which is a link to the larger photograph the text describes. To access the "Notes" web pages, use the link at the bottom of this page or any page having 19th Century photographs.

    Attributions that appear with the photographs are placed there in response to a requirement for permission to publish. These attributions are also repeated in the Notes pages.


    In addition to placing a drop shadow on the majority of photographs on this site, some of the 19th Century photographs have been "enhanced" by; eliminating distracting "pot" marks; cropping ragged edges; and/or "sharpening" for increased clarity.

    For example, the original 1865 Robert E. Lee photograph (below left, reduced from 482X600 for comparison), has been cropped, reduced, and sharpened to produce the photograph on the right.

    Also, some current photographs have been "enhanced" to eliminate; power lines, people, parking meters, and even, in three cases, a car.


( "64" is the item number of this photograph in the "Notes" pages)

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