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We strive to provide accurate information about the Civil War on this site, however our information is only as accurate as the sources that we use. Consequently, although we believe the data contained in this site is fully accurate, we cannot guarantee it.

We do not knowingly publish incorrect information and ask visitors to this site who see an error to contact us.


History is one item that tends to have endurance. Since you cannot change the past, changes that occur are usually the result of newly discovered information or modfications of presentation or access.

Because this site contains both current and old data, you might find some differences in my visit to a battlefield several years ago compared to your recent visit to the same battlefield.

But that is the nature of the beast.

Since we cannot devote a large part of our time to re-visiting battlefields, especially those out-of-state, you can expect some minor differences between our visit to a battlefield and your more current visit to the same battlefield. Hopefully, the differences are not major.

As in the section above, we sincerely request that you let us know of any changes or differences in our site compared to your experience.


A majority of the photographs on this site have been enhanced with "drop shadows", the removal of "pot marks", etc. For additional information on these "enhancements" see our Photographic Information page.


With the exception of 19th Century maps, all maps on this site are under our copyright. (To access our maps go to the Maps page.)

The maps are not copies of any existing maps. Rather, they are our products using a variety of sources and drawn in such a way as to best illustrate the information that we wish to convey. The maps are not drawn to scale, rather, they are close approximations of the battlefield layout and the locations of people or units. For example, look at the map of the Trevilian Station Battlefield, June 11, 1864, below:

Battlefield Map 6-11
Trevilian Station Battlefield Map, June 11, 1864.

The map provides you with the relative troop locations and movements on June 11, 1864. It also illustrates the important locations regarding the battle (ie. The "Netherland Tavern"). However it is not meant to be a detailed layout of the battlefield or of the roads associated with it.


Please contact us if you have any problems with the accuracy or content of this site.


Content Team

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