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In our section about Lt. Colonel John Pelham we've included additional photographs of his grave site, which is located in the City Cemetery in Jacksonville, Alabama

Cemetery From Road

We placed the Jacksonville, Alabama Cemetery on our list of sites to visit because Lt. Col. John Pelham, the "gallant" Pelham, is buried there.

However, our visit was frustrating. Usually, when a community has a historical site, such as Pelham's grave, they place direction signs encouraging tourists to visit it. We found no signs in Jacksonville directing us to their cemetery and/or to Pelham's grave.

Pelham Plaza Sign   Pelham Plaza Marker

The only roadside marker about Pelham that we found in Jacksonville, was at the Pelham Plaza shopping center. However, even though the cemetery is directly behind the Plaza, the marker does not provide any directions.

Pelham Plaza
Pelham Plaza, in Jacksonville, Alabama.
Pelham's Grave Monument, behind the plaza, is marked with an arrow.

We believe that Jacksonville, Alabama, is missing a considerable amount of tourist dollars that would come from just a few directional signs and a little publicity about the fact that Lt. Col. John Pelham (who was elected to the Alabama Hall of Fame) is buried in their cemetery.


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