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On one of our many trips to Gettysburg, we made a photograph, marked (1) below, of Lee's Headquarters. We cropped the sides of the photograph in order for it to fit on a 600X800 screen. The photograph has not been re-sized or compressed. Accordingly, you will have to have patience because it will take a while for the 291K photograph to download.

Lee's HDQ

While examining the photograph above, we noticed a bubble and scratched it. This brilliant move resulted in the white spot indicated by the arrow. (In the photographs below, the white spot has been darkened in order to make the subject easier to see).


A closer look at photographs (1) and/or (A) above reveals what appears to be a red face outside of a second floor window. We have magnified the face in photographs (B) and (C) in order to provide a closer look at the supposed apparition. In Photograph (B) we have outlined the face in white. Photograph (C) is the same as (B) without the marking.

It certainly looks remarkably like a face to us and we cannot associate it with anything in the area at the time of the photograph that would have caused such a reflection in the camera lens. Of course, there could have been a defect in the film, a defect in the processing, a camera flaw, etc. However, having no way to determine the cause, it does make us ponder.

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