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QUESTION: I have some questions regarding the photographs, such as: Are they modified? How are they best viewed? etc.

QUESTION: What is the structure of this site and what does it contain?

    A brief description of this site, and how to navigate it, can be accessed by the About This Site link on the Home page.

QUESTION: In your photo section, under "Leaders", why are there so many Leaders missing?

    Although we have made a dent in the Civil War sites and battlefields, the leaders are woefully under-represented. To address this, let's say a little about our policy for this site. We try to have at least one or two current photographs on the pages in the photograph section. When we get a few current photographs regarding a subject, we then search the digital collections for some corresponding 19th century images. Then we make the page. To date, only the Lincoln section does not have one or two current photographs.

QUESTION: I have found a spelling error on your site. Why?

    Our site contains over 200,000 different words. Obviously, entering that many words will lead to occasional errors. So if you run across a spelling error, or factual error, or just want to comment, please contact us. We will appreciate it.

QUESTION: How often do you revise this site?

    Regularly. If the revision is significant, we place an entry on the What's New page. However, we are constantly making minor corrections or replacing photographs with better ones, which do not make the What's New page. So be sure to use your "reload" or "refresh" browser button to make sure you see the latest version of the page you're viewing.

QUESTION: What is the difference between pages in the Pending Section and pages marked "Under Construction"?

    The "Under Construction" and "Pending" entries are linked to a page which describes how we define "Under Construction" and "Pending" as used on this site. Click Here to visit the page.

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