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On this site there are photographs residing in a "Pending Section". Also, some of the Sections are marked "Under Construction". Here is the difference:

    The "Pending Section" contains photographs that we have uploaded in advance of their use on pages which have not yet been developed. The length of time a photograph will be in the "Pending Section" can vary from several days to several months, or, for that matter, they may not be used at all and will be removed later.

    "Under Constuction" is not a section, it is a notice, on the first page of a section, indicating that the section is not fully complete and will be revised. (Use your "shift-reload" or "refresh" button when you return to the section in order to see any subsequent changes)

    Sections are normally marked "Under Construction" when we have visited a Civil War site for which we want to develop a section and did not come back with sufficient photographs. Normally, the Section will remain "Under Construction" until we can visit the involved Site again. Note that, unlike some of the "Pending" photographs, Sections marked "Under Construction" will not be removed.

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Home > Pending or Under Construction

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