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** Battle of Gettysburg Resource Center**
      Committed to providing everything about Gettysburg.

** Civil War Album - Antietam**
      Moderm photographs of the Antietam Site.

** Civil War Communication Site**
      Early Military Communication Researchers.

** Civil War Home**
      Links from the LSU Civil War Center
      have been moved to here.

** Civil War Virtual Battlefield Tours**
      Tour selected battlefields via photographs.

** Library of Congress - Civil War Photographs**
      Over 1,000 19th Century Civil War photographs.

** NARA - National Archives & Records Administration**
      Extensive repository of photographs and documents from the Civil War.
    NARA - The Archival Research Catalog
      The NARA Archives (Click on "ARC Search").

** Richmond (Va) Civil War Round Table**
      Richmond, Virginia Civil War Round Table activities.

** Sons of Confederate Veterans - National**
      One of the main organizations for the Confederate Descendents.

** Sons of Confederate Veterans - Virginia Division**
      A leader in defending the Virginia Confederate heritage.

** To the Limits of the Soul's Ideal**
      Patricia Finnegan's very thorough biographical
      essay, with photos and other features, about
      the life of General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.

** Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre**
      An article on Abraham Lincoln's assassination
      at Ford’s Theatre.


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