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Wilderness Map
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The Ellwood House
The Ellwood House -1999   (12)
Union General Warren's Headquarters (Fifth Corps)
(Ellwood was also involved in the 1863 Chancellorsville Battle)

The Wilderness Tavern - 1884 101
Wilderness Tavern - 1884   (14)

The Wilderness Tavern
Remains of the Wilderness Tavern - 2000   (14)
Used as a Confederate field hospital during Chancellorsville
and a staging area for the Union Army during the Wilderness.


Grant's Headquarters
Location of Grant's Headquarters   (11)

On May 5, 1864, this knoll was bordered by a second growth of scraggly pines and scrub oak. From here Grant and Meade could see little of the battle. Instead, they relied on subordinates to keep them apprised of the situation at the front. In the evenings the Generals retired to their camp at the foot of the knoll between here and the Germanna Plank Road (modern Route 3). Otherwise, they rarely left this spot.

Over the next three days, as the two armies grappled in the deep woods, Grant and Meade remained at this knoll, sending and receiving dispatches as they fed troops into the battle.

More than once Meade lost his temper. Outwardly, Grant remained calm, but his nervous puffing of cigars and whittling of sticks showed that he too felt the strain.

Source: National Park Service


Grant and Meade waited to see what response, if any, Lee would make to the Union army on the move.


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