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Wilderness Map
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General Cadmus M. Wilcox   94

At this time, Lee sent General Cadmus M. Wilcox's Division, of Hill's Corps, to fill the gap between Hill's Corps, on the Orange Plank Road, and Ewell's Corps, on the Orange Turnpike.

Chewning Farm
Chewning Farm - 2000   (6)

Wilderness Run
Wilderness Run - 2001   (7)

Wilderness Run Bridge
Wilderness Run Bridge - 2000   (7)

Wilderness Run Bridge
Wilderness Run Bridge (Another view) - 2000   (7)


Higgerson Farm
The Higgerson Farm - 2000   (8)

Before you are the fields of the Higgerson Farm, one of only a few major clearings on the Wilderness Battlefield. On the afternoon of May 5, Union troops swept across this open space, bound for bewildering combat in the thickets to the north and west.

When the Federals trampled her fence and garden Permelia Higgerson emerged from her house, berated the Yankees, and predicted their quick repulse. "We didn't pay much attention to what she said," admitted a Pennsylvanian, "but the result proved that she was right."

After a succession of bloody clashes in the distant woods, the Federals retreated back across this field. Mrs. Higgerson taunted them as they passed.

Source: National Park Service



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