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Wilderness Map
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As night came, May 5, 1864, Ewell's forces, on the Confederate left, were entrenched across the Orange Turnpike (9) facing Warren and Sedgwick. On the Confederate right, Hill's forces had just barely survived that day on the Orange Plank Road and Lee knew that they could not withstand the expected Union attack in the morning without the support of Longstreet's Corps, which had not yet arrived.

Park Road at Orange Plank Road
Hill-Ewell Drive at the Orange Plank Road   (4)
Where Hill's Soldiers spent the night of May 5, 1864.
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On the Morning of May 6, 1864, Grant ordered an attack against Ewell by Warren and Sedgwick and an attack against Hill by Hancock. He also ordered Burnside's ninth Corps to fill in the gap between Warren, on the Orange Turnpike, and Hancock, on the Plank Road.

General Ambrose E. Burnside   43

When the attack began, Burnside's Corps, delayed and lost in the Wilderness, did not participate. Sedgwick and Warren were soundly repulsed by Ewell on the Orange Turnpike, but Hill's troops were forced to retreat down the Orange Plank Road to near the Widow Tapp's farm (5), which was Lee's headquarters.

Battle of the Wilderness --- May 6th, 1864
Battle of the Wilderness --- May 6th, 1864.
Desperate fight on the Orange C.H. Plank Road, near Todd's Tavern.
Kurz & Allison, Art Publishers, Chicago, U.S.A., [1887].

When the Federals arrived at the Widow Tapp farm (5) only a few pieces of artillery stood in their way.

Tapp Field
Widow Tapp Farm   (5)
Confederate Artillery

Tapp House Location
N.P.S. Marker near the location
of the Tapp Farm House


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