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(in red) from Hanover Court House,
upper left, to Linney's Corner, lower Right.

Following the Route Numbers:

Proceeding down Route 301/2 another mile or so, we turn left onto Route 651.

A little over one mile down Route 651, at the bottom of a hill, we pass the foundation of the Taliaferro Mill, on the left. Caution!!! There is no good place to pull over. Do not stop in the road! Oncoming traffic may not see you in enough time to stop!!!.

Foundation of the Taliaferro Mill

Following the Route Numbers:

We continue on Route 651 until it stops at Route 643. Directly across the road is Dr. Edwin Shelton's Home.

Dr. Edwin Shelton's Home.

This is where Stuart would later meet Stonewall Jackson when Jackson was moving his forces east prior to the Seven Days.

Following the Route Numbers:

We turn left from Route 651 onto Route 643 and then, after a mile, turn left at the stop sign onto Route 606.

Approximately two miles down Route 606, we come to the Enon Church on the left side of the road. We can stop here and look at the field where fighting occurred that was part of the 1864 battle of Haw's Shop.

Enon Church.

Following the Route Numbers:

A mile further on Route 606 brings us to Haw's Shop, now called Sudley.

Haw's Shop, now called Studley.

This photograph was taken from the parking lot of Salem Church. To see another view, from the opposite direction, with Salem Church in the background, click Here.

... Our march led thence to Taliaferro's Mill and Enon Church to Hawes’ Shop; here we encountered the first pickets, surprised and caught several vedettes, and pushed boldly forward, keeping advance guard well to the front. The regiment in front was the Ninth Virginia Cavalry (Col. W. H. F. Lee), whose advance guard, intrusted to the command of the adjutant (Lieutenant Robins), did admirable service, Lieutenant Robins handling it in the most skillful manner, managing to clear the way for the march with little delay, and infusing by a sudden dash at a picket such a wholesome terror that it never paused to take a second look ...

Following the Route Numbers:

Proceed 2.4 miles down Route 606 to Totopotomy Creek.

Totopotomy Creek.

... Between Hawes’ Shop and Old Church the advance guard reported the enemy's cavalry in force in front; it proved to be the Fifth Regular Cavalry (formerly the second, commanded by yourself). The leading squadron was ordered forward at a brisk gait, the main body following closely, and gave chase to the enemy for a mile or two, but not coming up with him. We crossed the Totopotomoy, a strong position of defense, which the enemy failed to hold, confessing a weakness. In such places half a squadron was deployed afoot as skirmishers till the point of danger was passed ...


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