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(in red) from Kilby's Station to Hanover Court House

Hanover Court House

Following the Route Numbers:

Following Route 646 for approximately two miles, we turn left onto Route 54, Patrick Henry Road (unmarked), and almost immediately turn right, back onto Route 646, St. Paul's Church Road.

We then turn onto U.S. Route 301 / State Route 2 at Hanover Court House.

We park in the Hanover Tavern Parking Lot, almost immediately on the right and across from the Court House. A Civil War Trails sign marks the entrance to the parking lot.

Hanover Tavern

It was here that Stuart's forces had their first encounter with Federal troops. The 6th U.S. Cavalry under Captain J. Irvin Gregg had just entered the town in order to rest. Stuart sent Fitz Lee and the 1st Virginia Cavalry southward to cut off the Federal's retreat and then entered the town with his main force. The Federals quickly mounted and fled down Richmond Stage Road (now State Route 301).

(in red) from Hanover Court House,
upper left, to Linney's Corner, lower Right.

Following the Route Numbers:

Heading south on 301/2, from Hanover Court House, less than one-half mile, we cross over Mechum Creek.

Mechump's Creek.

The swampy area at Mechump's Creek prevented Fitz Lee from cutting off the Federal retreat. They did manage to catch a straggler and Stuart sent him back to his unit with a note for the 6th U.S. Cavalry Commander stating his desire to meet the Sixth Cavalry in a fair hand-to-hand fight some day.

... I proceeded, therefore, via Hanover Court-House, upon the route to Old Church. Upon reaching the vicinity of Hanover Court-House I found it in possession of the enemy; but very little could be ascertained about the strength and nature of his force. I therefore sent Col. Fitz. Lee's regiment (First Virginia Cavalry) to make a detour to the right and reach the enemy's route behind him, to ascertain his force here and crush it, if possible; but the enemy, proving afterward to be 150 cavalry, did not tarry long, but left, my column following slowly down, expecting every moment to hurl him upon Lee; but owing to a bad marsh Colonel Lee did not reach the intersection of roads in time, and the cavalry (the Regular Sixth) passed on in the direction of Mechanicsville. This course deviating too much from our direction, after the capture of a sergeant they were allowed to proceed without interruption on their way ...


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