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Source: National Park Service - Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park
(Which includes Chancellorsville and the Wilderness) - Located in Fredericksburg, VA.
Entries are as they appear on the N.P.S. list, except where noted.



SUSAN P. CHARTTERS. Died August 29, 1885, in the 67th year of her age.

JAMES P. CHARTTERS. Born January 27, 1816; died January 4, 1886.

X.X. CHARTTERS. Born May 28, 1844; died Feb. 15, 1893.

EVELYN WORTLEY. Wife of X.X. Chartters; 1842-1893.

THOMAS R. CHARTTERS. Tr. E, 7 Va. Cav., C.S.A.; 1821-1862.

SUSIE E. GUY. Born Sept. 29, 1863; died Sept. 29, 1866.

2 LIEUT CHARLES BAILEY. Co. H, 15 Va. Inf.; 1802-1882.

* CHANCELLOR BAILEY. Of Mill Dale, Spotsylvania County, April 24, 1833-May 11, 1898; Braxton's Battery, C.S. Army, House of Delegates, 1881-1884, Supt. of Public Schools, 1885-1898; his wife Jane Paxon Ely of Philadelphia, Sept. 24, 1837 - Oct. 2, 1900.

* CHANCELLOR BAILEY. Braxton's Co., Va. Lt. Arty.,C.S.A.;1833-1898.

CHARLES C. BAILEY of Mill Dale, Spotsylvania County, December 12, 1802-July 3, 1882; his wife Margaret Lyon Pound, daughter of Captain Richard and Ann Lyon Pound of Fairview, near Chancellorsville, Aug. 13, 1806-March 15, 1887.

GEORGE CHANCELLOR, ESQUIRE (1785-1836), of Chancellorsville. Son of John and Elizabeth (Edwards) Chancellor and grandson of John Chancellor (1726-1815) and his wife nee Jane Monroe, aunt of President James Monroe; in 1814 he married Ann (Lyon) Pound (1783-1860), only daughter of James Lyon (1755-1836) of Falmouth, Va., and his wife nee Mary Longwill (1748-1794) of Cecil Co., Md. Ann was the widow of Captain Richard Pound of Fairview who is also interred here. As a wedding gift her only half-brother William Lorman, Esq. (1764-1841) of Baltimore, erected the mansion called Chancellorsville in 1815-1816.

* MAJOR SANFORD CHANCELLOR (1791-1860), of Forest Hall, Spotsylvania County. Son of John Chancellor of Orange County and his wife nee Elizabeth Edwards (1760-1840) who died at Forest Hall and is interred here. In 1823 he married Frances Longwill Pound (1803-1892), eldest daughter of Captain Richard and Ann (Lyon) Pound. She was residing at Chancellorsville in May 1863 when the mansion was partially destroyed after which she lived and died at Oak Grove near Fredericksburg.

* MAJ. SANFORD CHANCELLOR. Born Feby. 15, 1791; died Feby. 25, 1860. Served on the staff of Gen. Madison, War 1812.

LILLIE L., WIFE OF THOMAS H. HARRIS. Born January 19, 1856; married Oct. 26, 1881; died of neuralgia of the brain, March 9, 1888.

WILLIAM R. GRADY. Tr. E, 9 Va. Cav., C.S.A.

HUGH S. CHARTTERS. 1876-1938.

SUSAN MARGARET CHANCELLOR. Wife of Vespasian Chancellor; born at Forest Hall, Feb. 19, 1847, daughter of Major Sanford Chancellor and his wife Frances Longwill Pound; died at Fredericksburg, Va., Dec. 28, 1935.

**VESPASIAN CHANCELLOR. Who died at his home in Fredericksburg, on the 28th of April 1908, in the 70th year of his age.

GEORGE S. CHANCELLOR. Born March 31, 1845; died Feby. 17, 1885.

FANNIE L. CHANCELLOR. Born July 22, 1803; died July 9, 1892.

MARY EDWARDS CHANCELLOR. Wife of John Thomas Frazer, daughter of Major Sanford Chancellor; born May 7, 1827; died at Coventry, Spotsylvania County, Va., Oct. 22, 1922.

JOHN T. FRAZER. Born April 12, 1820; died May 18, 1881.

ELIZABETH CHANCELLOR. Born August 31, 1784; died October 20, 1858. Aged 74 years, 1 month & 10(sic) days; moved from Cherry Hill in Prince William County, 1939.

GEORGE EDWARDS CHANCELLOR. 1842-1887. Major of cavalry, C.S.A.


REV. M.S. CHANCELLOR. June 29, 1815; Feb. 20, 1895.

LUCIE F. CHANCELLOR. Wife of Rev. M.S. Chancellor; died Sept. 5, 1884, in the 67th year of her age.

THOMAS CHANCELLOR. Tr. E, 9th Va. Cav., C.S.A.; 1846-1864.

* There were two entries for this person in the N.P.S. document. The entries have been placed together.
** Entered as "VES. CHANCELLOR" on the source document.

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