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Chancellorsville Map
Chancellorsville Map (Described on Page 1)

Jackson's Route (K)
A stretch of the road that Jackson's troops used in flanking Hooker's forces.


After flanking the Union Line, Jackson's troops attacked east along the Orange Turnpike, overrunning Howard's Corps as they went.

Jackson's attack
The star and "You Are Here" indicate
the location of the photographs below.
(Map source: National Park Service)

Attack View - 1999

Attack View - 2005
2005 (Note that the house in the distance is gone!)

The Confederate view to the East towards Chancellorsville. When the
Confederates reached this point, Howard's Corps was in full retreat.

Wilderness Church

Battle of Chancellorsville
Battle of Chancellorsville--May 2, 3 & 4, 1863 - Union (Gen. Hooker)
Confederate (Gen. Lee). Gen. Jackson mortally wounded.
Lithograph, hand-colored. Kurz & Allison, Art Publishers.

After the successful flanking attack, in the darkness the Confederate and Union Armies established rough lines to the west of Chancellorsville. Jackson, determined to block Hooker's army from withdrawing across the river, rode with his staff between the Union and Confederate lines in order to determine the best direction of attack. However, realizing that they were too close to the Union lines, Jackson and his staff attempted to return to the Confederate side. The Confederates, thinking that Jackson and his staff were Union cavalry, opened fire and Jackson was mortally wounded. A monument, near the Chancellorsville Visitors Center, marks the location where Jackson was shot. (For more photographs associated with Jackson's death, see my Jackson section.)

Monument indicating 
   where Jackson was shot (L)
Monument indicating where Jackson was shot


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