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The Peach Orchard
The Peach Orchard

Another "Peach Orchard" became famous
during the Civil War battle at Gettysburg

This was the scene of intense fighting on Sunday afternoon as Federal troops stubbornly resisted Confederate charges through the peach trees. Peach blossoms ripped off by minie balls fell like snow.

A Union soldier who faced the Confederate onslaught described the heavy artillery fire: "Everywhere around us the storm began to rage: shot, shell, . . . canister came howling and whistling through our lines. The very trees seemed to protest against it. Missles flew everywhere."

Successive Confederate infantry charges finally broke the blue line, and the Federals retreated in disorder back toward Pittsburg Landing. The next day, however, a reinforced Union army won this ground back.


Albert Sidney Johnston118
C. S. A. General Albert Sidney Johnston

Johnston Monument
Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston Monument

Johnston Monument
Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston Monument - Closer View

Tree Stump
This tree trunk is at the
location of the oak tree
under which General Johnston
was found mortally wounded

Monument Plaque
Monument Plaque

General Albert Sidney Johnston, a West Point graduate and Mexican War veteran, was highly respected by both sides. Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States, wrote, "In his fall, the great pillar of the Southern Confederacy was crushed."

The night before the battle, after some of his officers had advised caution and delay, Johnston announced, "We shall attack at daylight tomorrow. I would fight them if they were a million."

On the afternoon of the first day of fighting, Confederate forces sought to envelop Union General U. S. Grant's left wing and sieze Pittsburg Landing. While leading his men against Union forces barring his way, General Johnston was fatally wounded at this location.

Johnston, who had been slightly wounded earlier, was struck just below the right knee by a stray minie ball. The bullet tore open an artery, causing severe bleeding. Tennessee Governor Isham G. Harris, a volunteer aide, discovered Johnston reeling in his saddle near this point and led him down to a protected ravine. The General died a few minutes later.

The tree trunk stands at the site of the oak tree under which General Johnston was found mortally wounded .


Wallace Headquarters Location
Location of Brig. Gen. Wm.H.L. Wallace's Headquarters

Wallace HDQ Plaque
N.P.S. Plaque at Brig. Gen. Wm.H.L. Wallace's Headquarters

From the Plaque:
...April 2, 1862, Brig. Gen. Wm. H. L. Wallace was assigned to the command of the(Second) Division.

On Sunday, April 6, 1862, the 1st and 3d Brigades were engaged at the "Hornets's Nest"; two regiments of the 2d Brigade, under Gen. McArthur, were engaged east of the Peach Orchard; the other three regiments were detached to different parts of the field. At about 5 P.M. Gen. Wallace was mortally wounded and four of his regiments were surrounded and captured...


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