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Abandoned Union Artillery
Abandoned Union Cannon   (H)

These two Wiard rifled cannon represent two of the four guns lost by Lt. Alexander Marshall of Battery G 1st Ohio light Artillery (originally two 12 pdr. howitzers, two 12 pdr Wiard rifles, and two six pdr. Wiard rifles.) These guns vallantly but vainly tried to check the Confederate advance by firing repeated charges of canister then retreating "by prolonge" to fire again. The guns were abandoned when most of the horses were killed and the Confederates were but 40 yards from the guns. In this area 14 Union cannon were lost to the Confederates by Sheridan and Negley's Divisions.

Michigan Marker Front
Michigan Marker (Front view).   (H)
Near the Abandoned Cannon pictured above.
(Photograph taken with photographer
facing the sun.)

Michigan Marker Back
Michigan Marker (Back view).   (H)
(Photograph taken with the sun behind
the photographer.)

Alabama Battery
Alabama cannon were unable to advance because of   (H)
the Union cannon fire and the dense Cedar forest.

Rosecrans rushed fresh troops from Maj. Gen. Thomas Critterden's left wing into position along the Nashville Pike and the Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad. There, they beat back one Confederate attack after another, inflicting very heavy casualties.



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