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Home of the National Park Service (N.P.S.) Richmond Vistors Center
and the American Civil War Center (A.C.W.C.) at Historic Tredegar

Tredegar Iron Works (P1)
Tredegar Iron Works (2002)

  The Richmond National Park Service's main visitors center is located at 470 Tredegar Street on the James River in downtown Richmond Virginia. Its main purpose is to assist visitors wishing to go to the 1862 and 1864 Civil War battefields located around Richmond.

At the same site, in the Foundry building at 500 Tredegar Street, is the American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar (A.C.W.C.), a privately funded museum that looks at the whole Civil War from Confederate, Union, and Black perspectives.

Both Centers share the main visitor entrance described below.

To locate the N.P.S. Visitors Center and the A.C.W.C. simply:
    1) Travel to Richmond;

    2) Go to 5th street, (which cuts across the city from North to South); and

    3) Follow 5th street south until it stops at Tredegar Street. Turn right onto Tredegar street. The entrance to the parking lot for both the National Park Service's Visitors Center and the A.C.W.C. is at the second right turn.

The N.P.S. Visitors Center and the A.C.W.C. are open from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. daily. They are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years days.

At the time of this writing the A.C.W.C., which runs the parking lot used by both centers, charges a $3.00 per hour fee for parking ($12 max). However when you pay the entrance fee to the A.C.W.C. Museum, they will validate your parking ticket so that you do not have to pay parking.

The current entrance fee for the A.C.W.C. is: Adults $8.00, Seniors (age 62+) $6.00, Children (age 6-17) $4.00, Groups (10 or more) $5.00 and Children (age 5 and under) FREE. The American Civil War Center's phone number is 804 780-1865

Entrance to the N.P.S. Visitors Center is free, however, contributions are accepted ($3.00 is the recommended contribution). If you hold a National Park Service pass of any type the Park Service can validate your parking also. The National Park Service Richmond Headquarters phone number is 804 226-1981

The American Civil War Center and the N.P.S. Visitors Center share a reception area on the first floor of the N.P.S. building.

The Tredegar facilities are leased from the New Market (formerly Ethyl) Corporation which owns the site.


When you park your car in the lot you will see the main entrance (indicated by the "A" on the photograph below).

  Iron Works (P2)
Tredegar Iron Works (2002)
"A" marks the new entrance.
"B" marks the parking lot.

When you enter the visitor's center, you will find a counter manned by representatives from the American Civil War Center (A.C.W.C.) and the National Park Service (N.P.S.) who will introduce you to the Tredegar Iron Works, and describe the function of the A.C.W.C. and the N.P.S. at Tredegar.

The N.P.S. Rangers at Tredegar will also provide information on the Civil War sites and battlefield parks located around Richmond including Cold Harbor, Glendale, Malvern Hill, Fort Harrison, and Chimborazo, (the N.P.S. medical museum at the location of the former Confederate Civil War hospital by that name.) They will also direct you to a twenty-two minute film depicting the Civil War battles around Richmond, that is shown on the third floor of the N.P.S. Visitors Center hourly.

Finally; here are the answers to two of the most often asked questions: 1) The large white building at the top of the hill behind the Iron Works is the headquarters of the New Market Corporation and was built in the 1950's. 2) "Tredegar" is a Welsh name given to the Iron Works by workers brought here from Wales to construct it. It is pronounced "Tre-dee-gar" over there, but it is pronounced "tred-e-gar" over here. (We hope you understand our phonetic spelling).

N.P.S. Visitor Center 2nd Floor Entrance (P4)
Second Floor Entrance to the N.P.S. Visitor's Center/

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