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Frayser's Farm - 1998
Glendale; the Riddell's Shop Intersection (Facing South).
Frayser's Farm is in the distance to the right of Willis Church Road.

    The roads at the Riddell's Shop Intersection are identified in this photograph. The Willis Church road (also known as the Quaker Road) originates at this intersection and goes south, passing Frayser's Farm, the National Park Service Visitor's center, the Willis Church, the remains of the Willis Church parsonage and, eventually, Malvern Hill.

Glendale - Map
Glendale and Malvern Hill Map.

The locations identified in blue can be seen either here or on the Malvern Hill pages.

June 30, 1862
Estimated Casualties: 6,500 total

This is the fifth of the Seven Days's Battles. On June 30, Huger's, Longstreet's, and A.P. Hill's divisions converged on the retreating Union army in the vicinity of Glendale or Frayser's Farm. Longstreet's and Hill's attacks penetrated the Union defense near Willis Church, routing McCall's division. McCall was captured. Union counterattacks by Hooker's and Kearny's divisions sealed the break and saved their line of retreat along the Willis Church Road. Huger's advance was stopped on the Charles City Road. "Stonewall" Jackson's divisions were delayed by Franklin at White Oak Swamp. Confederate Maj. Gen. T.H. Holmes made a feeble attempt to turn the Union left flank at Turkey Bridge but was driven back by Federal gunboats in James River. Union generals Meade and Sumner and Confederate generals Anderson, Pender, and Featherston were wounded. This was Lee's best chance to cut off the Union army from the James River. That night, McClellan established a strong position on Malvern Hill.
(Text Source: U.S. Gov't, National Park Service)

Frayser's Farm - Sign 1999 Frayser's Farm - Sign
1999 2005
State marker at the Riddell's Shop intersection.
(Marker on the left was recently replaced by the one of the right.)

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  Frayser's Farm - Sign
A second State marker at Riddell's Shop intersection.
(Across the street from the one above)

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Frayser's Farm - Looking North
A View of Frayser's Farm at Glendale.

Looking north along the Willis Church Road toward the Riddell's Shop intersection.

Malvern Hill Visitors Center
National Park Service Visitors Center for the Glendale
(Frayser's Farm) and Malvern Hill Battlefield parks.

The Visitors Center is located at the Glendale National Cemetery, almost directly across the road from the Willis Church (see Malvern Hill).


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