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Malvern Hill Map
Malvern Hill

The circled numbers on this map indicate the locations    
from which the photographs in this section were taken and
refer to the numbers in parentheses ( ) at the photographs.

Malvern Hill - Union View
Malvern Hill - Union View - 1999.(1)

Cannon Demonstration
Cannon Demonstration - 1998.(1)

Malvern Hill - Confederate View
Malvern Hill - Confederate View - 2001.(2)
Location of the West House (on the Union line) is indicated by arrow A.
The N.P.S. Visitor's shelter is indicated by arrow B.

  Willis Church
Willis Church - 1999.

The roadside plaque reads:

"This Edifice, which gave its name to the road McClellan followed from Glendale in the withdrawal toward the James River, was used as a Field Hospital by the Confederate Troops after the battle of Malvern Hill July 1, 1862."

Malvern Hill - Looking East
Malvern Hill - Looking East from N.P.S. Visitor's Shelter Parking Lot - 2002. (4)
The white house, on the right, is near the wartime location of the West House.


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