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Malvern Hill Map
Malvern Hill

The circled numbers on this map indicate the locations    
from which the photographs in this section were taken and
refer to the numbers in parentheses ( ) at the photographs.

  Willis Church Parsonage Remains
Remains of the Willis Church Parsonage - 2000.(3)
On July 1, 1862, this Parsonage, with Confederate forces around it, was in plain view of the Union Artillery on Malvern Hill. Located several miles from the Willis Church, the remains of the Parsonage, which burned in 1988, are part of the Malvern Hill NPS Park trail.

Parsonage Remains
Remains of
The Willis Church Parsonage - 2005.

Parsonage Marker
Parsonage Marker - 2005.(3)

  The National Park Service, as of this writing - April 26, 2005 - is removing trees and restoring the Malvern Hill battlefield to its 19th Century condition. As a result, the remains of the Willis Church Parsonage are becoming visible from the Union battle line and vice versa, as shown in the following photographs.


Parsonage from the Union Line
Willis Church Parsonage (arrow) from Union Line - 2005.  (1)

Union Line from the Parsonage
The West House (arrow A) and the N.P.S. Shelter (arrow B)
taken from the remains of the Willis Church Parsonage - 2005.
(Signs of tree removal, still in progress, are in the foreground.)


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