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Malvern Hill Map
Malvern Hill

The circled numbers on this map indicate the locations    
from which the photographs in this section were taken and
refer to the numbers in parentheses ( ) at the photographs.

The Crew House
The Crew House - 2002.(5)

  The Crew House -- also known during the war as Dr. McBert's -- is a key landmark of the battlefield. In 1862, numerous outbuildings were located close to the house, and a small orchard stood nearby. The original house burned in the 1870's, and this structure stands on the foundations of the wartime building.

Federal artillery located in the yard anchored the left of the Union line.


Malvern Cliffs
The Malvern Cliffs - 2002.(5)

  The NPS Sign reads:

"The view from here illustrates the power of the Union position on Malvern Hill. Late in the afternoon of July 1, two Confederate Brigades attacked across the treeless flat terrain below. Union guns in the Crew yard and elsewhere pounded the Confederate line before the Southern infantrymen could open fire with muskets.

"Still, the Confederates reached the base of the hill, where they would cling to the safety of the slope. Finally at dusk Virginians and North Carolinians rushed this knob, eventually reaching the yard of the Crew house. Only frantic resistance by the 14th New York infantry and several pieces of Union artillery halted them. Here as elsewhere, Confederate efforts to destroy McClellan's army had failed."


Freeman Marker at the Crew House
Freeman Marker at the Crew House.(5)

Description of Freeman's Markers
N.P.S. description of Freeman's Markers.(5)

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