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Chimborazo Hospital - April, 1865
Approximate Location of photographer is marked with a
blue star in the map below.


Location of the Civil War Confederate "Chimborazo" Hospital.
The building housing the National Park Service Headquarters and
Medical Museum is in the background center.

  Chimborazo Confederate Hospital, located in Richmond, Virginia, was opened in October of 1861. It consisted of approximately 100 wards spread over forty acres. A ward was a single one floor building, approximately thirty feet wide and one hundred feet long, which housed between 40 to 60 patients. The hospital's normal occupancy was around 3,000 patients. During the war Chimborazo Hospital treated almost 40,000 Confederate patients.

In the mid 1900's, the National Park Service established its main Richmond Visitors Center at the former location of the Chimborazo Hospital. Then, around the turn of the 21st century, the Park Service relocated the Richmond Visitors Center from Chimborazo to the Tredegar Iron Works, also in the city, which made munitions and cannon for the CSA during the war.

Presently, the National Park Service building at Chimborazo houses the Richmond NPS Headquarters staff and a Civil War Medical Museum.

A more detailed description of Chimborazo, from the National Park Service, is available via This Link.

NPS - Medical Museum
National Park Service - Chimborazo Medical Museum
at the location of the Chimborazo Civil War Hospital.

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