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Todd's Tavern Area
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Sheridan's plan worked to perfection. Fitz Lee met Merritt's advance about 0.75 miles north of Todd's Tavern, but when Gregg appeared on his flank, at Piney Branch Church, he abandoned the crossroads and retreated down the Brock Road toward Spotsylvania.

Gregg on Lee's
    Flank Map
Lee Retreats

Gregg occupied Todd's Tavern about noon then pushed on to Corbin's Bridge. A mile west of the tavern he ran into Brigadier General Thomas L. Rosser, who commanded a Confederate cavalry brigade in Major General Wade Hampton's division. With Federal repeating rifles blazing away and supported by the fire of two cannon, Gregg forced Rosser's brigade back to Corbin's Bridge. He later withdrew to the tavern when two other brigades of Hampton's division came to Rosser's support.

Gregg's Map
Gregg's Action

Merritt meanwhile pursued Fitz Lee down the Brock Road toward Spotsylvania. Two miles south of Todd's Tavern, at the junction of the Piney Branch Road, Lee halted and threw up logworks.

Brock & Piney Roads
Junction of the Brock Road, coming from the northwest, (left)
and the southern end of Piney Branch Road (right) - 2005

Merritt attacked him there in the late afternoon on the Brock Road, while Brigadier General Henry E. Davies's brigade of Gregg's division advanced against Lee's right via the Piney Branch Road from the Catharpin Road.

Catharpin Road
Junction of the Catharpin Road, heading south
with the northern end of Piney Branch Road (left) - 2005


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