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1862 Map
Todd's Tavern at Junction of Brock, Catharpin and Piney Branch Roads.

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1862 Map
1862 Map of Spotsylvania County, Virginia,   223
showing Todd's Tavern (Arrow).


On May 4, 1864, Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant led Major General George G. Meade's Union Army of the Potomac across the Rapidan River into the tangles of the Wilderness. Robert E. Lee attacked him there, and in two days of heavy fighting Grant had both flanks turned and took more than 17,000 casualties. Rather than retreat, he issued orders on May 7 for a night march to Spotsylvania Court House, the next stop on the road to Richmond. To get there, his cavalry would first have to clear Confederate cavalry from the Brock Road. This would lead to some of the most intense and important cavalry fighting of war around a country crossroads called Todd's Tavern.


Todd's Tavern 
Movement of the Union and Confederate Armys from the Wilderness to Spotsylvania.

Todd's Tavern Area
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