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Todd's Tavern Area
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  Major General Phillip H. Sheridan commanded the Union army's cavalry. Sheridan had held Todd's Tavern during the Battle of the Wilderness, but had withdrawn his horsemen toward Chancellorsville on the night of May 6th, allowing Major General Fitzhugh Lee's Confederates to reoccupy the intersection. Lee's men occupied and strengthened trenches abandoned by Sheridan near the tavern.

Grant's plans to march the army to Spotsylvania required Sheridan to retake Todd's Tavern from Fitz Lee. Sheridan assigned Major Generals Wesley Merritt's and David M. Gregg's divisions to the task. Merritt would advance south from Catharine Furnace to clear the Brock Road.

Part of the Catharine 
Part of the Catharine Furnace - 2005   (H)

   Furnace Road
Road from Catharine Furnace - 2005   (I)

At the same time, General Gregg would leave his camp at the Alrich Farm and push west up the Catharpin Road. The two would meet at Todd's Tavern. Once the crossroads was in their hands, Gregg would continue west on the Catharpin Road and seize Corbin's Bridge over the Po River.

Location of Corbin's Bridge.   (C)
Over the Po River.

Sheridan's Plan 
Sheridan's Plan.


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