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Cemetery Entrance
Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery Entrance
(Looking toward the Cemetery from Route 608)

Cemetery Map
Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery

  After the Civil War, hundreds of Confederate soldiers lay in poorly marked graves around the Spotsylvania battlefield. Because of this, local women formed the Spotsylvania Memorial Association and in 1866 established a Confederate Cemetery on five acres of land a half mile northeast of Spotsylvania Court House (See Map on Page 1).

The Association reburied nearly 600 soldiers in the cemetery, organizing them by state. A few remain unknown. Headstones were provided by the Federal Government to mark all of the graves. In the center of the cemetery is a granite shaft crowned by a stone Confederate soldier who silently stands watch over the dead.

(Text Source: U.S. Gov't, National Park Service)

North Carolina Section
North Carolina Section

North Carolina Section
Virginia Section

Georgia and Unknown Sections
Georgia (foreground) and Unknown (background) Sections


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