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McCoull House24
McCoull House - 1864(?)
McCoull House foundation
McCoull House Foundation - 2000
  The McCoull House (left, above) was in the center of the Confederate salient, called the "Mule Shoe" because of it's shape. The house survived the battle only to burn down in 1921. By 2000 a large tree grew inside the foundation (right, above).  

McCoull House foundation - 2005
McCoull House Foundation - 2005

  The huge tree that was growing in the foundation (see the 2000 photograph, above) has been removed.

Also, the stones marking the foundation have been replaced, making the layout of the house easier to visualize. (It's easier to see the old stones in the photograph below labeled "View toward the Harrison House foundation (8) (arrow) From the McCoull House foundation(7) - 2004")

Trenches near McCoull's House 124
Confederate Entrenchments Near McCoull's House - 1864

Ramseur Monument
Ramseur's Brigade Monument Near McCoull's House - 2002

Ramseur Monument Text
Ramseur's Brigade Monument Text
Click HERE to read the text.

Harrison House from McCoull House -1864123 Harrison House Foundation from McCoull House Foundation - 2004
View of Harrison House(8) (arrow)
From McCoull House
(7) - 1864
View toward the Harrison House foundation (8) (arrow)
From the McCoull House foundation
(7) - 2004


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