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APRIL 1-9, 1865

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Map of Lee's Retreat
Lee's Retreat - 1865


April 6, 1865

Estimated Casualties: Few

On April 6, Longstreet's command reached Rice's Station, its farthest point south, where it was blocked by Union XXIV Corps. After some skirmishing, Longstreet withdrew over the High Bridge during the night toward Farmville.


April 7, 1865

Lee was unsuccessful in issuing rations to his troops here. He then crossed to the north side of the Appomattox River.


April 7, 1865

Cumberland Church - 2007

Estimated Casualties: 910 total (US 655; CS 255)

Near 2 pm on April 7, the advance of the Union II Corps encountered Confederate forces entrenched on high ground near Cumberland Church. The Union forces attacked twice but were repulsed, and darkness halted the conflict. Union general Smythe was mortally wounded nearby, and J.I. Gregg was captured north of Farmville.


April 6-7, 1865


High Bridge Crossing the Appomattox - April, 1865

  Estimated Casualties: 1,200 total (US 800 captured)

On April 6, the Confederate cavalry fought stubbornly to secure the Appomattox River bridges. Confederate general Dearing was mortally wounded.

On April 7, elements of the II Corps came up against Longstreet's rear guard attempting to fire the High Bridge and wagon bridge. Union forces were able to save the wagon bridge over which the II Corps crossed in pursuit of Lee's army. Failure to destroy this bridge enabled Union forces to catch up with the Confederates at Farmville.

The High Bridge - April, 1865 The arrow marks the steel railroad bridge
that currently spans the Appomattox River
above the brick piers of the 1865 High Bridge.


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