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Craven's House
Craven's House and Iowa Monument - 2002

Robert Craven, an ironmaster, built the first house on this site in 1856. Seven years later, in the fall of 1863, Confederate troops occupied Lookout Mountain, and Craven's house became the headquarters of Confederate Brig. Gen. Edward C. Walthall.

On November 24, 1863, the Union troops stormed the foggy slopes of Lookout Mountain in the famed "Battle Above the Clouds". Federal infantry pushed the out-numbered Confederates around the north end of the mountain and across the Craven Terrace. As the Confederates fell back, the Craven house fell into Union hands.

The skirmishing ended about dusk, and at 2 A.M. the Confederates, short on men and ammunition, withdrew from the mountain. At dawn, Union soldiers climbed to Point Lookout and planted the U.S. Flag.

(Text Source: U.S. Gov't, National Park Service)

Confederate Cannons near Craven's House.

Iowa Monument
Iowa Monument at Craven's Terrace.


* The N.P.S. uses both "Craven" and "Cravens" on its plaques. I have elected to use "Craven" in this section.

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