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Hollywood Cemetery
Hollywood Cemetery - 2000

Over 60,000 people, of all stripes, including 18,000 Confederate soldiers, are buried in Hollywood Cemetery, located in Richmond, Virginia. This includes, Presidents of the United States James Monroe and John Tyler, Novelist Ellen Glasgow, Historians Clifford Dowdy and David J. Mays, poets, ambassadors, and congressmen. But the main interest, at least from this web site's point of view, are the Confederate soldiers and leaders.

According to Dr. James E. DuPriest, Jr., in his book "Hollywood Cemetery", the following Confederate Generals are buried in Hollywood Cemetery:

Joseph R. Anderson
James J. Archer
Robert H. Chilton
Philip St. George Cocke
Raleigh E. Colston
John R. Cooke
Henry Heth
Eppa Hunton
John D. Imboden
Edward Johnson
David R. Jones
Samuel Jones
Fitzhugh Lee
    Thomas M. Logan
John Pegram
George E. Pickett
John C.C. Sanders
William Smith
William E. Starke
Walter H. Stevens
Isaac M. St. John
James Ewell Brown Stuart
William R. Terry
R. Lindsay Walker
Henry A. Wise

This section only begins to show the Civil War graves at Hollywood Cemetery. Accordingly, more photographs will be added to this section in the future.

On the Cemetery Road Map below, which also appears on each page in this section, the red letters mark where the photographs were taken. The letters on the map correspond to those by the photographs . (The map is based roughly on the map in the book "Hollywood Cemetery" by James E. DuPriest, Jr.).

   Cemetery Map
The red letters mark the location of the photographs in this section.

Entrance to the Cemetery From Albemarle Street. (A)

Confederate Pyramid
Pyramid to the Confederate Soldiers. (B)

  The first memorial in Richmond, Virginia to the Confederate soldiers, this 90 foot granite pyramid was completed in 1869. Although it cost over twenty-five thousand dollars to erect, the pyramid was constructed without mortar, making the construction very dangerous. The crane was not tall enough to put the capstone into place so volunteers were requested to climb the pyramid and manually guide the capstone into place. Not surprisingly, no one responded. Eventually, a sailor, who was serving time in the state penitentiary (located fairly close to the cemetery), volunteered. For accomplishing the feat without being killed, officials granted the sailor his freedom.  

Gettysburg Section
Gettysburg Section (C)

  The Confederate Section of Hollywood Cemetery holds Confederate casualties from most of the Civil War battles, a majority of whom have "Unknown" markers. This photograph shows part of the Gettysburg Section, which houses approximately 2,000 casualties from that battle. The monument on the foreground left is for CSA General Richard Garnett (See Below)  


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