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Union Monument GETTYSBURG
Union Monument

(Please note that these are not all of the Union Monuments at Gettysburg.)


Gettysburg Map    

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Connecticut (14th Conn. Infantry)
Delaware State Monument
Delaware (1st Delaware Infantry)
Indiana (State Monument)
Kentucky (Kentucky Marker)
Maine (2nd Me.Light Artillery)
Maine (20th Maine Infantry)
Maryland (State Monument)
Massachusetts (13th Mass. Infantry)
Massachusetts (Sharpshooters)
Michigan (1, 5, 6, & 7 Mich. Cavalry)
Michigan (4th Mich. Infantry)
Minnesota (1st Minn. Infantry)
New Jersey (1 - 4,& 15th N.J.Infantry)
New York State Monument
New York State Auxiliary Monument
Ohio (29th Ohio Infantry)
Pennsylvania (State Monument)
Pennsylvania (148th Pa Infantry)
Pennsylvania (1st Pa Cavalry)
Pennsylvania (17th Pa Cavalry)
Rhode Island (2nd R. I. Infantry)
Vermont (12th thru 16th Vt. Infantry)
West Virginia (W.VA.Light Artillery)
Wisconsin (7th Wisconsin Infantry)

Masonic Memorial
Soldiers National Monument
Monument to the United States Regulars
High Water Mark
Peace Memorial

Buford, Maj. Gen. John
Gibbon, Brig. Gen. John
Hancock, Maj. Gen. Winfield S.
Howard, Maj. Gen. Oliver O.
Lincoln Speech Memorial
Meade, Maj. Gen. George G.
Reynolds, Maj. Gen. John F.
Sedgwick, Maj. Gen. John
Slocum, Maj. Gen. Henry

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