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(The Battle of Old Men and Young Boys)
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Battlefield Map
Location of Photographs in this Section

Confederate Earthworks
Confederate Fort - 2001   (6)
With fake cannon barrel (blackened log)

Staunton River Bridge
Staunton River Bridge - 2001   (4)
Modern planked bridge

Staunton River Bridge - Supports
Staunton River Bridge Support - 2001   (5)
The white arrow in the insert marks the height of the supports for
the old bridge. The current bridge's supports are above the arrow.

Stanton River Visitors Center
Staunton River Battlefield State Park
Clover Visitor Center   -   2001
(434) 454-4312


The Staunton River Battlefield State Park and the Clover visitor center were opened on June 10, 1995. The visitor center and 80 acres of adjoining property were donated by Virginia Power and Old Dominion Electric Cooperative. Since then, through donations and purchases, the park has grown to 300 acres, located on both sides of the railroad track and both sides of the Staunton River. In 2002 an additional visitor center, in Randolf, "Roanoke Station", was added and, more recently, the Mulberry Hill Plantation has been acquired.

The Mulberry Hill Plantation, where Mrs. McPhail told the Union officers of the trainloads of Confederate troops, is located up state road 641 from Randolph at the top of the hill. It was also the headquarters of the Union force during their brief stay.

At the Clover visitor center, the Civil War exhibits focus on Wilson's raid, the battle of "Old Men and Young Boys" and home life in Southside Virginia during the war.

On the Halifax County side of the river, the park features an extensive set of earthworks (fort), a completely planked railroad bridge across the Staunton River, an artillery emplacement and a self guided walking trail. The fortifications have been ranked among "the most well preserved earthworks" in the state of Virginia. The planked bridge, over 500 feet long, offers an impressive view of the scenic Staunton River.

The battlefield and self guided trails are accessable year round from 8:00 A.M. to dusk.

The Clover Visitor Center is open Monday - Saturday from 9:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. and Sunday from 1:00 P.M. - 4:30 P.M.

The Roanoke Visitor Center will be open by request. Please call 434-454-4312 for more information.

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