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View From Bloody Angle - 1998
View From Bloody Angle - 1998

  We are impressed with the Spotsylvania Battlefield. For some reason ---possibly the battlefield signs; the brochures; Park Guides; or convenient access roads---we feel it is one of the easier battlefields to visit and understand.

Heaven knows that it was a complicated and horrific battle. If you don't believe that, read Matter's book "If It Takes All Summer" (which is one of the harder books to read. The infinity of brigade movements makes you spend half your time looking for maps).

Spotsylvania Stop Light
Spotsylvania C. H. Stop Light.
(View coming from Fredericksburg.)

The battlefield is fairly easy to find. Get a map and locate Spotsylvania Court House. If you come from Fredericksburg, turn right at the only stop light in Spotsylvania C. H. If you're coming from the South, go straight through the stop light.

Park Service Shelter
Spotsylvania National Park Service Exhibit Shelter.

The Battlefield entrance is about a mile or two down the road. There are tours but you'll have to contact the park service for the schedule.

McCoull House Foundation - 1998
McCoull House Foundation - 1998.

Don't miss seeing the location of the McCoull house and note the size of the huge tree now growing there. It'll give you some idea as to how much the forest has grown since the war.

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