Sunken Road
Sunken Road (Bloody Lane).

  Sharpsburg (Antietam) is a large battlefield. For some older and disabled people, a walking tour is out of the question. The park has lots of open space and is very well maintained. It is not hard to image how the land appeared in 1862. It is well worth the visit just to see the Burnside Bridge, the Sunken Road, and the Dunker church. Take your camera, there are a lot of sights you will want to record.

Getting to Sharpsburg is not difficult but you will need a road map. We would also suggest that, if possible, you plan your trip so as to avoid Washington, D.C. rush hour traffic, if you are coming from that direction. For the next decade they are going to be literally replacing the junction of I-95 and the Beltway, so avoid that area at all costs.

They have a nice park headquarters with a fine book store. The park personnel are, as they are at all the parks, very considerate, knowledgeable, and tolerant. They go out of their way to make you feel at home. Don't hesitate to ask them questions.

As with all of the other battlefields, we suggest that you get a book on the battle from your library, or book store, before you go. It will make the trip a considerably richer experience.

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