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  This small Confederate artillery work helped to immobilize Union Gen. Benjamin F. Butler's Army of the James during its attack on Richmond in May, 1864. Fighting, which continued into June, successfully "bottled up" Butler at Bermuda Hundred. The battery then became part of the Howlett Line helping to defend Richmond until the capital was abandoned in April 1865.
(Text Source: U.S. Gov't, National Park Service)

Map of Parker's Battery - Location of Photographs
Map of Parker's Battery (Including the N.P.S. Interpretation
Trail and the Location of the Photographs in this section.)

The photograph locations are marked by letters which are referred
to in the text.(Click on a letter to view a representative photograph)

Entrance to the Park
Entrance to Parker's Battery.   (A)
The arrow marks the Park Service Sign. To the left of the sign, a just-visible wooden bridge begins the Park trail.

Park Sign
Parker's Battery Entrance Sign.   (A)

This sign displays the Richmond National Battlefield Park Map (see reference), and a map of Parker's Battery, with a brief description.

Park Sign 2
A more descriptive sign on the Interepretation trail.   (B)

Some of the text:

This site seems remote from Richmond but Confederate defenders extended well beyond the city. From mid-June 1864 a unit of artillerymen called Parker's Battery manned these earthworks.
Despite the proximity of a large enemy force, this line was quiet for the next 9 1/2 months---just an occasional shelling, or pickets taking potshots. The shooting war was a few miles northeast and south.

After the fall of Petersburg, Parker's Battery retreated with Lee to Appomattox.

Although it became known as "The Boy Company" the average age was twenty-five.

The Trail
Parker's Battery Interepretation Trail   (C)



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