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  Subject: Revisionist History
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 01:43:06 EDT

Dear Sirs:

I would like to compliment you on your remarks about the attempt to disallow Robert E. Lee's portrait from being displayed. We are daily losing sight of our nation's history thanks to the political correctness of the ill advised liberal establishment, and the outright reverse discrimination of so called Afro-American leaders. These self styled leaders are often times nothing more than ill educated rabble rousers with no real concern for the issues they embrace, but rather for the publicity that they can garner for themselves. Here in [a northern city] the Public School system has all but dropped any reference to Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and other Confederate heroes.

I have met graduates of [a northern] University, holding Masters degrees who could not identify either general! We as a nation have a terrible habit of forgetting our traditions and our past, and so we are doomed to repeat many of its mistakes. In an effort to placate loud mouthed rabble rousers, and believe me we have more than our share of them up north, truth is being buried, honor is trampled underfoot and history is being rewritten.

I thought that your note about the exhibit pertaining to the Pharoes was most telling. I happen to be Jewish, and I cannot recall a single co-religionist who ever voiced a whisper of objection over the displays in our museums here in [a northern city] (which has [a] large...Jewish population...) about Egypt. In fact, should you visit those displays you will find large numbers of Jewish men and women avidly viewing and reading about that ancient civilization. Now it is not that we have forgotten that we were once enslaved by the Egyptians, but rather because we see the need to study and understand the culture, aside from the issue of our enslavement there. It is a painful part of our history, but a part of our national history nevertheless.

In closing, I hope that others will speak out as you have, against the demonizing of the Confederacy and its illustrious leaders and teach about the true issues of the Civil War which transcended the slavery issue. Perhaps if some of our...citizens actually studied a bit more and protested a bit less they might actually learn something!


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