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North Anna River
The North Anna River - Pontoon bridge - May 1864

North Anna River
The North Anna River - 1999

  Other Names: Telegraph Road Bridge, Jericho Mill (May 23); Ox Ford, Quarles Mill, Hanover Junction (May 24)
May 23-26, 1864
Estimated Casualties: 4,000 total

After the fighting at Spotsylvania Court House, Grant continued his Overland Offensive against Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. He was brought up short on the North Anna River by Lee's widely studied “hog snout line,” which forced Grant to divide his army into three parts in order to attack.
On May 23, 1864, one of A.P. Hill's divisions assaulted the V Corps which had crossed the river at Jericho Mill, resulting in bloody see-saw fighting. On the 24th, Union infantry was repulsed at Ox Ford (the snout) but advanced to near the Doswell House on the Confederate right. Lee hoped to strike an offensive blow, but he was ill, and the opportunity for defeating an isolated part of the Federal army passed. Once the threat of Lee's position was revealed, Grant withdrew both wings of the army back across the North Anna River. Grant outflanked the position by moving downstream and continued his advance on Richmond.
(Text Source: U.S. Gov't, National Park Service)

There is a South Anna River. Lee refers to the two as the "Annas".


Park Entrance
Entrance to the Park.

Park Entrance
Entrance From Parking Lot
Note the Plaque on the Stone to the right.


North Anna Plaque
North Anna Plaque
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