Bull Run Bridge - 1998
Bull Run Bridge - 1998

  The Manassas Battlefield Park is a large park encompassing two battlefields. It is completely surrounded by congested highways and business development. Getting to the Park, which was very difficult ten years ago, is almost impossible now. During rush hour, traffic on Route 234 in front of the park entrance, crawls and at times completely stops. This is doubly troublesome because, after you visit the visitor center you have to use Route 234 to get to other parts of the battlefield; the stone bridge; and the stone house. As the local residents have had to do, you will have to learn patience.

Although there appears to be no time during which the roads are not congested, we suggest that you try, if at all possible, to visit the battlefields during late fall, winter, or early spring. The crowds at the Park during the summer would cause congestion even if the highways were clear.

We recommend that you read about the two battles that were fought there before making a visit. This will not only enhance your enjoyment of the park but will also let you organize your visit rather than follow a haphazard path.

Regardless of the congestion, all of the things that you've read about are there. The Stone House, the Henry House, the Bull Run Bridge, Stonewall Jackson's monument, etc. As with all things handled by the National Park Service, they are well preserved.

Normally, you will come to Manassas on Interstate 66, U.S. Route 29 or Route 234. On Interstate 66, you should turn onto Route 234 north; on US 29 you should turn onto route 234 towards Manassas. As indicated above, Route 234 leads you to the main entrance of the Park. At the Visitor's Center be sure to get their pamphlet which gives you a map of the park with the major sites marked with a brief description of each.

The Battlefields of Manassas I and II are well-attended, making it easy to image the events that occurred there.

Visiting this battlefield, and any of the NPS Battlefields, can, with a little preparation, be an enjoyable and enlightening experience.

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