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Oakwood Cemetery
Oakwood Cemetery - 2001

Around the base of the monument:

In Memory of 16,000 Confederate Soldiers from 13 States.

Erected by the Ladies Oakwood Memorial Association Organized May 10, 1866.

Maryland, Florida, Virginia, North Carolinia, South Carolinia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana.

Oakwood Cemetery - 1865 105
Oakwood Cemetery - 1865*

Approximately 16,000 Confederate soldiers are buried at Oakwood cemetery in Richmond, Virginia. Most are unknown and a large number were killed in 1862 (Gaines' Mill possibly).

The following are views of the cemetery taken in March, 2001:

Oakwood Cemetery

Oakwood Cemetery

Oakwood Cemetery

Oakwood Cemetery

* The Library of Congress identifies this photograph as Hollywood Cemetery, but Michael Gorman in his
    Oakwood Cemetery section makes a good case for the photograph being taken at Oakwood Cemetery.

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