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The Battle of Fair Oaks, Va. print
The Battle of Fair Oaks, Va. May 31st, 1862.
Published by Currier & Ives [1862].
Lithograph, hand-colored.

Fair Oaks - 1862 33
Fair Oaks - 1998
Fair Oaks - 1862. Fair Oaks - 1998.

  May 31-June 1, 1862
Estimated Casualties: 13,736 total (US 5,739; CS 7,997)

On May 31, Gen. Joseph E. Johnston attempted to overwhelm two Federal corps that appeared isolated south of the Chickahominy River. The Confederate assaults, though not well coordinated, succeeded in driving back the IV Corps and inflicting heavy casualties. Reinforcements arrived, and both sides fed more and more troops into the action. Supported by the III Corps and Sedgwick's division of Sumner's II Corps (that crossed the rain-swollen river on Grapevine Bridge), the Federal position was finally stabilized.

Benson's Battery at Fair Oaks
Benson's Battery behind earthworks at Fair Oaks - 1862.   215

Gen. Johnston was seriously wounded during the action, and command of the Confederate army devolved temporarily to Maj. Gen. G.W. Smith. On June 1, the Confederates renewed their assaults against the Federals who had brought up more reinforcements but made little headway. Both sides claimed victory. Confederate brigadier Robert H. Hatton was killed. (Text Source: U.S. Gov't, National Park Service)

Washington and Custer 80
  CSA Lt. James B. Washington and USA Captain George A. Custer
Lt. James B. Washington, a Confederate prisoner and pre-war friend of Custer, with Capt. George A. Custer of the 5th Cavalry, U.S.A., at Fair Oaks, May 31, 1862.

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